And Still My Heart Has Wings...

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Newcastle is a pretty good place to live all in all, it's a city but not a massive one but between Newcastle and Gateshead you will be able to pretty much get your hands on pretty much anything apart from....

a good selection of high quality vintage clothing! Personally buying online just isn't the same, yeah sure you get pictures and accurate measurements but it's not the same as being able to feel the fabric, do a little twirl, take in that vintage smell (which I love and know some people hate) but I think that's what it should be, an experience not just a purchase.

I recently had loads of shoots lined up and I was struggling to find stuff to wear, I am a solo mum I have few pennies so I went on a hunt to find a local vintage emporium my friend Chris (or on Twitter @onion2k) informed me of a placed in Heaton.

This shop called, These Foolish Things, has an amazing selection of clothing, jewellery and homeware. I got some lovely stuff to model and the lady in charge Gena is an absolute delight to have a chat too! Please drop the shop a 'Like' on Facebook and check out the website.

Just thought I would share some images with you.
(Taken by Debbie Sanders, David Evans & Floebob)


Miss Matilda said...

love you in thast Blue gown x