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Last night was the debut of my Tequila act at The Shadow Gallery, Sunderland, I was pretty nervous about it but it all came good in the end. The idea behind my act was a Mexican housewife who gradually gets a bit tipsy on tequila. I wore my Viv of Holloway frock and a stunning apron made by my friend Cat who has just opened her etsy shop.

I did my act to the song Tequila by Terrorvision and my lingerie was from my personal favourite Lilly Wiggler, you must check this website out absolutely idea for original costumes. I got an amazing tweed and cord set from there. Also had another pair of latex hot pants and my self customised Daisy Stays corset. My hair flower was from the lovely Miss Sweets Boutique highly recommend visiting Miss Sweet if you are after custom too she is a diamond!

I foolishly thought I would not get drunk drinking 4 tequila shots in 3 minutes I was kinda wrong, however after some cokes, a lift and some fresh air I was right as rain and no hangover this morning.

Here is my favourite photo of act taken by the lovely Nicholas Smith

My next performance will be on the 27th of November 2010 at La Maison de Peche, Peoples Theatre Arts Centre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Another brand new act which its a lot more slower paced and I am quite nervous about!

Currently planning my Christmas act, I am going to also sing. I'm scared :) Hopefully having shoots toward the end of the week with my Bo and I also have another shoot to blog. Seem to be a very busy bunny lately.

I shall be at Erotica tomorrow so if any of your lot are there please say 'Hello'!