Gal Pal, Gown and Goosepimply Boobies!

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Last weekend I had a super fun shoot with friend, stunner and talented photographer Debbie Sanders. It was so lovely to shoot with her again because my first shoot EVER was with her, and the images taken by her won me 21st Century Pin Ups comp and got me involved with the people who introduced me to Burlesque.

We skulked around Newcastle city centre took some pictures around Castle Keep, around the bridges and the wooded area down by the Quayside. I didn't really have an idea f
or the images I wanted from this shoot me and Debs just had a bit of a chat on and walk around while shooting, it was lovely and very relaxed. Here are a couple of my faves from the shoot featuring pasties from Pearls and Swine

Debbie is also designing tickets/brochures etc for
Gully Sutherland's Emporium of Extraordinary Entertainment a show which I am headlining between Christmas and New Year and Debuting my winter act.

Not forgetting my next performance at The Shadow Gallery, my act will be a bit comedic, bit silly and have a Mexican theme. I actually can't wait the costume is being a bit of a bugger but should look faberoo.

Also doing a shoot this morning and one on Thursday with my boyfriend which should be probably a bit cheey and/or stupid.