Tried on my Wedding Dress!

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It's been almost 7 years since I wore it and married my big doofus of a husband and it fit, it was a bit of a squeeze but it was on my wedding day. I expected putting it on to envoke a big rush of super memories but it just didnt in the end! My children were wrestling on the train of it while I was try it on so maybe part of me was just thinking 'Oh my god! This started....this'!

I have been crazy busy but havent really had a lot on, its been a bit bizarre.

Just watching some Lie to Me and then I am going to finish my Ben Elton book, Blind Faith, its really good and I think I will be able to finish it tonight :D

Day of Two Halves

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Weird day yesterday, had quite a difficult morning, me and my Mum went over to see my Nana, she wasn't well at all, she had an Op for Ovarian cancer about a week after my daughter was born and has been battling with the spreading cancer since, she is currently having her second course of chemo and it is really felling her, she moved house on Violet's birthday and she hasn't had a day where she has felt well since. Everyday she seems to have a struggle with some aspect of her health and it is awful that there isn't anything more I can do to help. On the surface she seems cheery and in control but I think deep down she is very scared and finding it really hard. I feel a bit useless because obviously I have the kids and I can't drive and my husband works 13 hour days it's hard for me to get to see her. It was nice to see her briefly yesterday without the children I felt I could be a bit more use.

When I got home we had lunch and pottered in the crazily beautiful sunshine and then we went to Cocklawburn Beach it's gorgeous there it's never busy it makes me proud to be Northumbrian, the kids had an amazing time. I drove there myself in our car Jonty (Peugeot 1007 in Custard Yellow) it was the first time I have driven an Automatic but it was good it was like lazy driving.

Today my son has a European themed Fun Run at school so we have dressed him up as a Roman Emperor he looks ace, we are just heading off right this second to cheer him on and probably take part, feel a bit sorry for the teachers needing to take a group of 3/4 year olds for laps of the school field.

Another Slog...

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Ooh another longish day today, Ian was spewing his guts out last night, I could hear it all the loud nasty wretching reminded me of my morning sickness days, I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum when pregnant with Laurence, it was bad bad bad! I was sick about 6 times every single day but I was always still so hungry! My craving with Laurence was passionfruit too, I ate about 8 each day so my spew looking a little bit like frog spawn.

I have been feeling a bit bloated lately, I think it might just lady month things. I bought a lovely dress from Dorothy Perkins I have been eyeing it up for a while and I was in this morning when I was down the street with Vee and it was in the bloomin' sale!
It's this one
Personally I think it looks nicer on a curvy lass such as myself!

Lie to Me was flipping awesome last night, brooding Roth making me lady tingle. Got my autographed pic this morning from Captain postman.

Struggling today!

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Been a very long day today, had Laurence at the Dr's and she has given him an inhaler because she agree that it might be asthma. He has had a funny day of acting tired, not eating and smacking a kid in the face with his book bag at school. Although to be fair the other kid started it by pushing him. I'm sort of glad to know that he won't just stand and take it and will defend himself when provoked.

I am glad my Mum has an interview, she got made redundant from her job 3 weeks ago and she hates being a dole walla! It's only a job as a school cleaner but she says she doesn't want to work full time again so the hours would suit her perfectly. She did bring some sausages and burgers from the farm so I am looking forward to munching on them with my homies on Saturday night.

Been a tough day with the husband, to be fair though, we always have a bit of a moody time when he is on his holidays. We have a bizarre old relationship. He was out last night until midnight, and he is going out again on Saturday night, despite him telling me a few weeks ago, he definately wanted to be home for Father's Day and do stuff as a family. Tonight after I had got my daughter Violet to sleep twice, and she woke up again he expected me to get her asleep for the third time despite the fact I hadn't even eating dinner.

Lie to Me in 1hr 12mins! Whoo hoo sexy uber Roth!

Check out my stoopid crazy cats! Lotus and Scout


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Finally ran the feature!
Whoo hoo!
Thanks to anyone who voted for me.

A New Era of Blogging for me.

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I new era of blogging for the MamaMongoose!

I have a lot to say I am a bit of a mouthy cow so I have decided to put together my daily ponderings into a wee blogette. It will also mean I remember stuff better and I will be able to catalogue things my kids do and say, they are always doing crazy stuff and I *FAIL* to remember it all.

My husband hates the current *FAIL* trend, it drives him up the bouncy loony wall. Bless him.

Not much on the cards at the moment, fund are low but morale is high. My children are having are at an amazing age and I enjoy being there for them every single day. Seeing them turn into little people but with my crazy traits.

Back to script writing again, I decided OoC (Out of Character) deserves another chance, it has so much to work with and I have already made the mistake of falling in love with the characters. Especially probably Melody and Genghis, but as this is a joint affair I guess Melody and Genghis translate as me and Chris and Rob are Nick's half. Nick is my co-creater, I hope he doesn't think I am taking over I just have more time on my hands and I run everything past him first. Just trying to put together ideas for the Ep's at the moment, I am one scenario short of Series Uno, it's all going well.

Hoping to squeeze in a crazy shoot with a guy from Sunderland before my HG shoot in August. Hopefully something a bit macabre.

Skellig tonight and I going to review all at that is Roth in my blog starting from recent works and working backwards, I am also rewatching each ep of Lie to Me an obscene amount of times. At least my hubby is understanding.

I curled my hair recently, not sure if I like it, I think it makes me look OLD! n