Tried on my Wedding Dress!

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It's been almost 7 years since I wore it and married my big doofus of a husband and it fit, it was a bit of a squeeze but it was on my wedding day. I expected putting it on to envoke a big rush of super memories but it just didnt in the end! My children were wrestling on the train of it while I was try it on so maybe part of me was just thinking 'Oh my god! This started....this'!

I have been crazy busy but havent really had a lot on, its been a bit bizarre.

Just watching some Lie to Me and then I am going to finish my Ben Elton book, Blind Faith, its really good and I think I will be able to finish it tonight :D


MissMatilda said...

loos smashing, are you shootin in it.

TrixyDee said...

Supposed to be! She is wanting to do it in fields and stuff so hopefully while its Sunny.

MissMatilda said...

oohhh amazing, can't wait to see a flake shoot, don't get choccie on yer frock x