Struggling today!

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Been a very long day today, had Laurence at the Dr's and she has given him an inhaler because she agree that it might be asthma. He has had a funny day of acting tired, not eating and smacking a kid in the face with his book bag at school. Although to be fair the other kid started it by pushing him. I'm sort of glad to know that he won't just stand and take it and will defend himself when provoked.

I am glad my Mum has an interview, she got made redundant from her job 3 weeks ago and she hates being a dole walla! It's only a job as a school cleaner but she says she doesn't want to work full time again so the hours would suit her perfectly. She did bring some sausages and burgers from the farm so I am looking forward to munching on them with my homies on Saturday night.

Been a tough day with the husband, to be fair though, we always have a bit of a moody time when he is on his holidays. We have a bizarre old relationship. He was out last night until midnight, and he is going out again on Saturday night, despite him telling me a few weeks ago, he definately wanted to be home for Father's Day and do stuff as a family. Tonight after I had got my daughter Violet to sleep twice, and she woke up again he expected me to get her asleep for the third time despite the fact I hadn't even eating dinner.

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