Another Slog...

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Ooh another longish day today, Ian was spewing his guts out last night, I could hear it all the loud nasty wretching reminded me of my morning sickness days, I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum when pregnant with Laurence, it was bad bad bad! I was sick about 6 times every single day but I was always still so hungry! My craving with Laurence was passionfruit too, I ate about 8 each day so my spew looking a little bit like frog spawn.

I have been feeling a bit bloated lately, I think it might just lady month things. I bought a lovely dress from Dorothy Perkins I have been eyeing it up for a while and I was in this morning when I was down the street with Vee and it was in the bloomin' sale!
It's this one
Personally I think it looks nicer on a curvy lass such as myself!

Lie to Me was flipping awesome last night, brooding Roth making me lady tingle. Got my autographed pic this morning from Captain postman.