Happy List!

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Copying the idea from the gorgeous MissMatilda, a list of 6 things that make me happy. Will be hard to trim it down but here goes....

There have been some pretty bleak times in my life without bore-casting it to the universe, I like to talk about the fab and joyous things.

1. Naturally, 1st and most importantly. My children. Since the day they arrived they are the most beautiful and perfect things I have ever had the pleasure of being involved with.

2. My husband and my marriage, corny but I love the bummer. Ever since I met him 8 years ago it was love at first sight and it grows stronger every day.

3. My Friends - Ellen and Nick. We have had a longsome relationship, especially me and Ellen, we have sort of turned into adults together, we have been a foursome since the beginning of adulthood. Not so much for Bonza. I love them both squillions, as family even.

4. My Cats - Scout and Lotus - My little brown and black balls of fluff. They are so happy healthy and make me smile on a daily basis. I have already posted a pic of them on a previous blog so I won't bore you with their furry faces again.

5. There are some women who are an inspiration to me, I don't know them on any real personal level but what they do and their success makes me happy. ( I havent worked out tags or anything)

MissMatilda -
She is so beautiful and lovely to speak to, and she is fulfilling one of her ambitions through her website www.ablegrable.com
Making beautiful things and making herself happy and bringing joy to others!

Fleur De Guerre
A truly amazing model and someone with such amazing style and she is so modest!

Helen Highwater
Another stunning lady who brings me much joy through her website
She is down to earth and funny and I love reading her posts on various forums.

6. My (sort of) healthy obession with Tim Roth!


MissMatilda said...

Now, how lovely was reading that and not because I'm mentioned either.

It's a really lovley blog, look at those babies hehehe.

I'm busy searching for a Tim Roth
cardboard man, those lifesized ones to put in yer bedroom!

xx night night hunny

TrixyDee said...

I would love a life size Tim Roth! Even cardboard, then I wouldnt need a husband :)