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I have been uber watching the uber Roth lately and am going to bore the 5 odd people who read my blog! Seems like a good time to do so as for the first time EVER I have allowed my Mum and Step Dad to take BOTH the children to the beach, I am still thinking about them constantly and worrying about what they are doing and how they are going to injure themselves but I really think it is good for Violet to have a little bit of time away from me. I would like to say 'It's SOOOO quiet' however the lady next door has went out and left her dog on his own and he will bark the place down until she gets back, he always does the little beast.

I have to say the Roth I have been watching probably can't be massive high points in his career however it would be fair to say also I am not entirely watching to critique his acting skill (shall we say!).

I watched 'Skellig', I didn't actually have to read this book at school but I think a lot of kids did the cover of the book looks extremely familier but I wasn't familier with the story. The little kid actor was superb as was the Life on Mars guy. Roth was typically awesome and still attractive, and it has actually made me want to acquire to book to see how true to it the movie for tv was.

Another film I have watched was 'The Last Sign', Roth didn't feature a massive lot, most of it was Andie Macdowell bumbling around looking concerned. I don't really feel the need to say much about it because a guy reviewed it on amazon and I agree wholeheartedly with everything he had to say, so if you are interested I can link you up -------> Here

Last night I watched 'Dark Water' whcih again was absolutely shocking, it was a lack of story, I kept expecting some fantastic shock to appear but it didn't. Roth slipped into an American accent for this one though which was pretty interesting to watch/hear?

Nothing else fresh in my world today, just looking and feeling a little more palid than usual I think it's just the tiredness though. You know when you feel like you aren't right but you can't actually put your finger on what it is? That's how I feel at the moment.