Nothing to Report

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I have no real news, just preparing for the Summer holidays and sharing six whole weeks with my little man. He is going to drive me utterly nuts but I will be having a driving test in 3 weeks or so, that will make the summer holidays more bearable. Berwick becomes very very touristy in the summer, super busy.

Had an awful few days weather wise it rained for abour 30 hours straight without a break so I was trapped indoors with two hyper bouncy little ones. I am so far behind with my laundy that it's not even funny.

Taking our sofa to the tip tomorrow, Ian is dying to rip up the underside of the sofa and see what it is that we can hear whenever we move it. I think it will be full of dummies and pens, I think Ian thinks it full of cash money, which it won't be. Getting our new sofa on Tuesday, our living room is going to look bizarre and empty for a couple of days.

Oh well no more blog for me, my daughter who I have just spend an hour and a half getting to sleep has just woken up, so I have to start all over again.....


MissMatilda said...

Now sofas, like shoes are my passion!!!

TrixyDee said...

We are just about to rip open the old sofa and see what has been making it so heavy. Bit worried it will be full of dead shrews and stuff :o