A Hall With A View

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So last week I had a shoot with a fella called John who has a studio space in Bolbec Hall in Newcastle City Centre. I took way too much stuff and only ended up doing three outfits but I had a fab time at the shoot and got some images that weren't pin up nor particularly fashiony, a bit more arty and surreal that I am usually used to. I love them though, probably one of the most enjoyable shoots I have done in a long time. I was there yesterday with my boyfriend yesterday having some images of us taken together. I will probably be blogging them next week!

I wore my delicious Able Grable Ready Hedy (again!) bloody love this frock to bit, probably my favourite item in my wardrobe. I also wore a vintage wedding frock I got from a vintage fair about 2 months ago and my Maya Hansen corset with half a cheesy 80's wedding dress which I mixed with some lace from a damaged wedding dress to make a purple skirt.

I was supposed to perform tonight but I can't because the weather has prevented travel which has prevented childcare. Gutted as I was so very excited about my act for this evening. I am very much enjoying a weekend with my boyfriend Nick, I still find it really hard when him and the kids share the same space, I'd imagine he probably does too. I genuinely hope this is something I only have to do once. Hoping the weather is cleared for my next burly performance which is the 11th of December - Candlelit Cabaret in Darlington and also my driving test on the 15th of December.


Miss Matilda said...

Love all this shoot very much, sorry you didn't get to do your show xx