7 Years of Marriage!

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Me and my hubby celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We didn't do anything, we have just been together and had kids too long for that. I am pretty sure not many people thought we would stay together as long when we got married 5 months after I turned 16. It probably looked a bit suss that we got engaged a year after I overdosed. People probably just thought I was filling a hole in my life or something. Which might have been the case slightly but there is obviously more to it, me and Ian have had a very uppy and downy relationship, there has been times when it would have been easier to walk away.

I totally understand why there are so many divorces, peoples attitudes to most things in modern society is if things get hard just to give up because they 'can't be bothered, I don't care that I'm unemployed I'll just buy this £3,000 TV from Bright House at an interest rate of a gazillion % and deal with the consquences later'. People don't respect money anymore, and also I don't think love, relationships and definately marriage holds much value anymore.

On a completely different note the kids have started watching crazy crazy TV. Yo Gabba Gabba is totally insane but I love watching it. :)

Haven't got any pics to share with you yet, sure it won't be long.