My Shoots as a Blondie

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I have been so out of touch with my blog lately, I started doing a T-shirt blog and of course had the kids driving me insane for six weeks of Summer. I am back to brunette now but I did enjoy some time as a blonde and here are some images taken of me whilst I was blonde!

I did two shoots with Jonathan Keys in my time as a blonde, the second shot on 5x4 which MUA assistance of Josephine Birkett

I did a very enjoyable latex shoot with Richard Shephard in a derelict mill place which was superfun and the images really had more of an edge because I was a dirty scruffy looking blonde.
All the latex including my slutty Portal Act jumpsuit is by Catalyst Latex.

I did a few shoots with my boyfriend Nicholas Gray, I already blogged some images from the retro style shoot, here was another one take on that day to show of my NG tattoo, and another image of me wearing a supercute Able Grable sample frock.

I also worked with a new photographer called Darren O'Brien, it was an odd shoot, I didn't feel comfortable nor welcome, I'd been told originally it was going to be a studio shoot, it wasn't, I got flashed on the way there and I felt like he just wanted rid of me in all honest. Taking all that negative stuff into account I did actually like the images.

That's it for my blonde shoots, I actually did more than I thought I did, I actually like how they look but the roots would just drive me utterly crazy.