Getting Physical in Leeds and Durham

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I haven't been blogging about my burlesque much, I find the modeling easier to talk about.

On the 1st of May, the day after the vintage fair I went to, I performed in Leeds, I did my 'Physical' act and my Rocky Horror act. Met some interesting people, had some funky stalls there too. Venue was quite big and interesting. Lovely lass called Penny Sweets had her burlesque debut and she was absolutely amazing, she did two acts and you couldn't tell she was nervous at all. Pretty good craic behind stage too, and the audience were awesome.

I really enjoy doing my Physical act, my costume looks a bit crap in comparison to the other lasses behind stage but it serves a purpose and I think it's more upbeat than a lot of classical acts. Not to everyone's taste but I enjoy getting up on stage and spanking the place. I shall be performing it at the next Gully's and Casa Bellini then I will give it a rest until it's requested again.

I then performed at the Durham Shadow Gallery last month too, it was a quiet gig, good atmosphere though, just a shame that the dressing rooms are directly behind stage and you don't get to see the other performances. My homegirl Daisy Stays was the highlight of that evening in my opinion, I also wore one of her creations for my 'Cosmic Girl' balloon pop.

Shepy also too this pretty cool of me doing 'Physical' I was worrying that the blonde would look rubbish on stage but I think this is one of my favourite performance images of me

I did my first sing and fling on Friday looking forward to seeing the images, my brown dress for this act didn't arrive so I didn't really get to do it proper, it was a good learning experience though, and hopefully I will get to do it again at a charity show I am doing in Darlington. Also did a quality latex shoot with Mr Shepherd too!