If You Go Down To The Leadworks Today....

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So couple of months ago, when I still had my beautiful purple mane, I did a shoot with Chris Harrison, I had been wanting to shoot with him for almost two years and it was nice to finally get the chance. It was a very very hot and the sun was super bright!

He also brought with him lovely guy and inspirational photographer Anthony Dorman who's work I adore.

We just mooched around the city centre, just kinda trying to find appropriate places for the clothing I'd brought. There is a massive sculpture made out of shopping trolleys that I had wanted to use but sadly it was just too sunny and we couldn't find an angle that worked. In the end we shot in a tunnel by the train station where I was getting evils from taxi drivers.

We also headed down at the old leadworks. It's kinda creepy down there, there is a homeless guy that lives there and there was quite a lot of poo, pigeons and abandoned items of clothing. It had quite a sinister feel but it was a lovely place to shoot and totally worked for my gear.

Here are my favourite 3 images from the shoot

On a completely different note I have just got a new blogging gig at massive T-shirt blog 'Hide Your Arms' blogging my favourite t-shirt company. Threadless, bi-weekly. I have only done two blogs but I am totally loving it! This is my last blog for them http://hideyourarms.com/2011/06/16/reprints-threadless-week-16062011/already looking forward to doing another one later on today. Me and the boyfriend got a t-shirt the same from the website and we're gonna try and take a pic tomorrow.