The Fesitval of Vintage

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So at the back end of April I went to 'The Festival of Vintage' York Racecourse, probably the largest vintage fair I have been too, lovely venue, lovely atmosphere, just had a lovely few hours sauntering around fingering stuff I couldn't afford, imagining myself in all the stunning frocks and damning myself to Lucifer for not being a 26" waist. I was officially there assisting my partner Nicholas as he documented the event. He got some fab images which you can view on his Flickr page and some are to be featured in Vintage Life magazine which you can subscribe to! :)

I set myself a budget, like you have to do with these things or you go on a mental vintage binge and can't actually afford to eat at the end of the month and that's no good for anyone. I am totally into my bright colours, but essentially I need something that fits well and I am likely to wear regularly or shoot in and resell. I am so glad I tried everything on at this event, the ladies in the loos were sweethearts, everyone zipping each other up and keen to give their opinions. It's just nice to see women, all shapes and sizes celebrating vintage finds and looking stunning together.

I purchases three frocks, one of which was £6, one of which I have worn 5 times already! I have had photos taken in all of them, all taken by my fella.

This first image was taken on the 1st of May where I performed in Leeds, so not an official photo shoot image but it has a distinct movie still feel to it. I think this frock is handmade 50's dress or that's what it was sold to me as.

Couple of weeks ago me and Nick did a photo shoot around his, the first image was taken in his bathroom, his Mum just decorated and it just totally worked. The second image was taken in a field 10 minutes from Nick's house.

Just been hunting for the next vintage fair locally, there is one in York on Sunday but I am unable to attend, I did however find some cracking shops in Durham when I was there recently, hopefully I will be revisiting them soon with some gal pals. My main joy in vintage hunting is finding something original, one of main issues with living in Berwick-upon-Tweed was that there was a bunch of NewLook/DorothyPerkins clones because they were the only shops women had access to. Made going out very dull. Probably also the slight smugness you can get when someone says 'Ooh where did you get that from?' and you can basically reply 'Well you can't get one because....' :)


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i love all those dresses! a vintage clothing festival sounds like SO much fun! =)