Ray of Sunshine

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Had a shoot a few weeks ago with a lovely gentleman called Les Higgins, he was very down to earth and I really enjoyed the shoot. It had actually meant to have been with another photographer, one which was very short to the point of virtually being rude in emails so I was glad he hadn't turned up in the end. I actually met the guy a couple of days later and he wasn't all that and sure his work is perfectly lovely but I don't need to work with someone with that attitude.

This was during the two weeks I was at my boyfriend's place, when the kids were with their Daddy and I felt the need to cram in as many shoots as possible.
Anyway the shoot was at Studio 5000, I have some more pics from another shoot there too which I will blog in a bit.

I wore my adorable (new favourite frock!) Able Grable Ready Hedy or as my boyfriend affectionately calls it 'The Cheese Dress'. I love it, I put it on and it makes me feel instantly happy, it's summer in a frock. I did a sort of strip tease thing and I quite like the way the images turned out. My underwear was the stunning yet supportive Josephine Corselette by What Katie Did. I have wore it for a few shoots now so I feel I should pimp it out a bit. Really loving the new Swiss Dot range for A/w10 too!

Funny story actually, probably works better when I do the seedy voice. I was going back to Nick's after doing the shoot and a geezer started talking to me.

"You're a sight for sore eyes, where you off to?"
"My boyfriend's"
"He's a lucky man"
"He probably won't even notice he'll be playing on his Xbox"
"Wish you were my girlfriend"
"See ya!"