Etsy Time Waster

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Hello, my name is Dee La Beau and I am a self confessed Etsy time waster!

Sure lots of vintage lovers concur that it is far to easy to sit down at your computer wack some searching in Etsy and have your eyes consumed by the mish mash of loveliness and evident fake 'vtg' items.

One of my favourite Etsy shops is Fab Gabs

There is just something very wonderful and professional about the store front and the ways the items are photographed and the models that are used. This store is just so lovely to browse, there are little photo sets for each items and the descriptions push you even further towards wanting to part with pennies for a piece of prettiness.

She is actually having a sale at the moment so there is plenty of bargain potential! She has lots of swimsuits and play suits at the moment too, perfect for the 'wonderful British summer we are having!!'.

This is my favourite item from her store, it's a gorgeous 1947 wedding dress, I am probably never going to need one again but if I did I would want something as stunning as this. (Image taken from FabGabs Etsy store)


Helen Highwater said...

That gown is beautiful! It's puffy without entering into meringue territory.

Dee La Beau said...

I love it! I want it!
Similar taste in men and bridal apparel we have.

Fab Gabs Vintage said...

Awww, this makes me all warm & fuzzy! THANK YOU!