Snowing Again! I'm thinking High Waisted Shorts....

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Just before Christmas I developed an unnatural obsession for vintage swimsuits and high waisted shorts. There are loads of shorts of out there with a bit of a vintage flavour, or even to wear with crazy tights and DM's.

I got my very first pair from Tara Starlet I am normally a size 12 (although I have to admit I have quite a curvalicious rear) and the 12 fit me perfectly. I got the red ones, the fabric is really nice reasonably this but with a bit of stretch. At £45 they seem an bit bit steep for how teeny they are but I'd say these are my first and my favourite high waisted shorts. Mega cheesy pic of me wearing aforementioned shorts.

I also have a pair from Big Beautiful Barbara Brown a gorgeous store than does some really pretty dress, hairbands, playsuits and all sorts of repro vintage stuff, I went there because I specifically wanted a pair in tartan and she makes tartan frocks so I asked her to run me up a pair of the shorts. I am not going to complain too much because the shorts are gorgeous but even though I have lost weight the zipper still falls down without any sort of pressure. I am going to get a new zipper put in them. I do love them though they are a really cute shape.

I have also been having a rummage on the High St from cute shorts, I managed to get a stunning floral pair from Topshop, but had to get a size 16! Wish I was shocked about because I am normally a 12 but there is not a snowball in hells chance I was going to get into a 12 of these babies.

Miss Selfridge has a very cute selection like these. And I have seen a cute grey pair in Next I want to invest in.