Wonder what Valentines...

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...equivalent to 'Bah-Humbug' would be? 'Bah-token heart shaped box of chocs' doesn't quite have the same ring to it. Anyway the point I am trying to make is that Valentines Day doesn't feature for us anymore, when you have been together for 9 years it doesn't, hell we don't do anything for our wedding anniversary either, not because I am not sentimental but because the Mr isn't. I remember once when we rented a house from his ex's presents I found loads of love letters that he had wrote his ex and it proper peed me off. I asked how come you never did that for me, he answered 'I don't need to do that for you'. Thanks man.

Anyway imaginary scenario, I'm not married to Mr Le Beau, I am in a new relationship with super sensitive and romantic Mr Bailey Roth, we have been dating for a month or so and it's amazing. All that hot romance and stuff is there, he makes the effort, he's the perfect gent. He is taking me out on Valentines day and then we're going to walk along the beach barefoot and it's going to be at least 30oC.

The main question is! What the hell would I wear for this? Mr Le Beau says I don't suit red but I like red, so I am going to wear red goddamn it!

I have been eyeing it up for ages so I'd probably get myself the delicious Bettie Page Peek-a-boo dress from amazing store and eye candy heaven Pin up Parade

I am getting a pair of Rocket Originals for my birthday but for this frock I'd go for the Georgia Red/Cream ones and I'd seek out some gorgeous Rose themed hair item!

Ah well a girl is allowed to dream.......


Straight Talking Mama! said...

We don't do Valentines Day either, mind you both of us aren't particularly sentimental, so it doesn't bother me!

However I like the idea of walking along a beach in 30 degree weather mmmmmmm

Miss Matilda said...

I'll be working, I'll come home and rustle up some heart shaped cookies, job done :-) hehehe

Dee La Beau said...

I'll be praying to the sunshine god

My husband is working a nightshift so even if I got to go out with Mr Roth I'd need someone to look after the kids. Oh well! :D

Hear shaped cookies sound nommy! x