Belt Shopping Discoveries!

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I needed to buy a really skinny belt, an idea I have to admit I have borrowed from Fleur De Guerre who wore a skinny belt with her gorgeous Able Grable Wicked Lady and Lutie Mae frocks. So I went on a bit of a mission to find one this morning, I just wanted a basic black one, nothing fancy I bought one from I think the belt idea is fabulous because it makes the amazing frocks look a smidge more casual.

I like the fact p&p is free from this site and there is massive selection and range of prices.

Found a few things I love!

I think I could totally rock this dress.

I love this bag! And it's even in the sale :)

And this cute little Lucite Brooch has caught my eye!


BaronessVonVintage said...

Ooh, good idea re: the belt with the Able Grable. I must try this out.

I agree you could ROCK that FROCK!