Wedding :D

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Went to my sisters wedding today! In the lovely Seahouses (I quite enjoy the puffin on the Seahouses website). The weather was gorgeous, my poor mother was so unbelievably stressed, I could just tell she wasn't enjoying it as much as she should have done. Even with the stress my Mam still looked about 15 years younger than she is!

My sister looked beautiful, and the groom and his team looked super dapper in their brown and gold suits, and my niece Charlie looked so cute I could just about eat her up!!

My two were shattered most of the day so we didn't really stay very long. I am not generally a fan of wedding but today was very short and sweet. If we didn't have the kids with us we probably would have stayed longer and mingled more.

I wore a gorgeous purple dress which I bought from the amazing delightful MissMatilda! :)
I had several people say how amazing the dress was.



MissMatilda said...

beautiful, glad you had a lovely time xx