We could be Heroes....

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Well I was, for one night only doing a shoot next to The Sage - Gateshead for my boyfriend Nicholas Gray's billboard project.

He sort of explained it better in his blog if you want to read it but basically its a twin town thing between Sunderland and Essen, Germany. His work will be featured on billboards and he went for a film theme. Other images are spectacular also but you're gonna have to wait for them.

My Superhero is called Senorita Cleavage, very sort of Dee La Beau! She normally attacks the bad men and breaks their necks with their thighs and that sort of cartoon death sort of stuff. Her sidekick is Captain Cliche and enemies are the Defective Detective (with sidekick Hangover Boy) and the Haberdashery Man. I have had way too much time to think about this by the way.