My Trip to the Capital

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Towards the middle of last month I had a trip down to London, not much fun doing the train journey from Newcastle to London and back on your own in a day. The trip had a purpose I was heading down to Erotica to spend the day with my friend Dave. This was before the utterly crappy snow started. I got down about 11:30 I am not a massive fan of London, I enjoy the slow paced 'tomorrow will do' attitude of the North East, if that makes me lazy so be it.

Went to a pub so cheap it could challenge a Wetherspoon's, although the veggie burgers (which is my regular at Spoons even though I am not a vegetarian) were better at this random pub.

Went into Erotica done a walk around a couple of times, seeing some of the amazing Maya Hansen and Velda Lauder corsets that I normally only get to dream of online in the flesh was amazing! If I had been a woman of means I would have severely dented my bank balance. I was sort of interested in the kink but the classier stuff was really my reason for going. There was a great stand that did amazing leather steampunky corsets too, absolutely amazing.

Speaking of classy, I went to see my friend Nicole, boss of The Hourglass and all round stunner who offered to do my hair for me. One of my photos were on The Hourglass display, this one in fact. Just FYI I am trying to sell my Neon Corset as it is now massive, it's the Danielle corset by Madame Le Strange, the bra too if anyone is interested. I would have loved it for a costume but I have lost a few inches and it doesn't do me any favours anymore.

Nicole mentioned that the Kiss Me Deadly stand was understaffed and asked if I fancied working over there for a few hours! I did and I had such fun, selling pretty things to pretty people made a Ms La Beau very happy. I also got work in my supercute KMD Vargas Dress which I already had on in accidental preparation, best work uniform ever. I had an amazing time and cannot recommend their products highly enough! If you're a girly girl you must check out their new Candy Box range its limited edition and to DIE for! Here is me 'working'!

In case you are unaware there has been some snow, meant I couldn't get to see the Mr at the weekend, I have been very very very hormonal all sorts going around me at the moment and I am not even donating eggs yet. I get to see him soon it's the stupid simple stuff I miss so much. Ended up having a pretty good weekend anyway, was a hell of a lot better than sitting at home watching Dating in the Dark repeats on my own.

I will be doing my pointless poetic Christmas list again like I did last year! The main thing I want is Lotsa from Toy Story 3 but I am reckoning the kids would totally pinch it!