My Top 10 of 2010 (as stolen from Shepy)

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Last year was quite a big year for me photographically and in every other sense really. Life changing!

These are my top 10 images that shaped my modeling in 2010 and best represent the Dani as much as the Dee La Beau. I was going to try and not be gooey but really my best times this year have been with my boyfriend, I can't change that and wouldn't want to.

January 2010
The day I met Nicholas Gray my favourite image in my portfolio to date.

February 2010
Another image by my darling Nicholas, you know that crazy bitch who goes in the sea at 6:00am in the back end of Winter! That was me and it was worth it because I got an image that has received more comments, faves and likes than I have ever had before.

March 2010
This shoot was done on my birthday with my friend Ellen, everything that was going on around this time was utter utter bollocks. Just for one day though it was just me an Ellen and being pretty for Nicole at The Hourglass, an amazing woman!

May 2010
Now officially in a relationship with we did a shoot at the studio at Nick's uni, this image is particularly dear to me, not going to tell the universe why. It's also the photo I have used on my rail card.

July 2010
Had a shoot with a guy called Grahame Jenkins who also lives in the middle of no-where/Northumberland in a weird kinda waste land. I love this image, something sort of intense but attractive about it.

July 2010
Another and last studio shoot with my Mr this year, I love this image, I think I look a bit like Lisa Stansfield, I don't expect people to agree, it has been my Twitter avatar for ages and one of the few images of me I look at it and think 'Wow maybe I'm not so bad'.

August 2010
Fantastic location shoot with another inhabitant from The Val Mr Richard Hanley along with lovely MUA Josephine Birkett, both amazing people. The shoot was in local record shop Steel Wheels I had an amazing time and was delighted with the images. This isn't my favourite image from the shoot but I can't find the disc!

October 2010
Another Nick image from his 'This Summer' set, got my badass on a German billboard, kinda wonder what people thought looking at this neon clad Superhero who is actually a solo Mum of two who lives in a 2 bedroom flat above a shop! (I have also used the billboard image as I can't remember when it was actually taken I want to say June though)

November 2010
I had a quickly arranged location shoot with friend Deborah Sanders, I had my first shoot ever with her in January 2008 and it was lovely to work with her again, I am shooting with her in a couple of weeks time too. I also borrowed some amazing vintage clothing from a locals shop including this amazing green frock.

October/November/December 2010
Basically my burlesque bit! It seemed like the natural progression from what I was doing, I enjoy everything about it, the people I have met, the events I have attended, the ideas, the getting of my fat arse in my lounge and having a bit dance. I love it! Me and Constance Peach were talking about how spoilt the North East burlesque scene is having a photographer called Paul Wright shooting the events it seems only fitting that I use one of his images.

I know I have missed a lot of shoots and stuff out but I these are the images of me that stand out and make me most proud of what I am and what I have achieved.


mandy said...

Some utterly gorgeous photographs, I love the one of you in the Sea, you are bonkers though, I'm surprised you didn't end up with Hypothermia!!

Dee La Beau said...

It was well worth it!
I love that image!