Shoots Shoot Shoots!

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Now actually waiting for images from 5 photographers, normally I dislike the wait but I think it's also kinda cool because by the time you get to see the pictures you've sort of forgotten the shoot itself so the images are a surprise and it brings the memories back.

I did a shoot with a fella in Darlington, but word on the street is that he takes a few months to return the images. Been there before though, I waited for about 4 months for some bridal images and got them back unedited. Get to learn valuable lessons about who is worth working with and who talks out of their arse. I am pleased that I can now interact with local models and burlesquey types to find out what people are like.

Here are a couple of images from the group shoot. One from Mr Shepy and one from delightful Miss Deborah Sanders.

Nothing really new going on, I have bored you already about my burlesque performances. Me and Nick are the same, just waiting for 'luck' to do it's thing and end this crappiness. I haven't been sleeping and that makes me a very very moody cow. Noticed how fake my smiles are on my shoots over the last few month, Dee La Faux. Anyway, I have a bra to customize for my Katy Perry tribute shoot. Tatty bye.