My 100th Blog!

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Well it's taken long enough, I can't actually remember what my first one was about and I am not going to look back over it, it would probably be cringeworthy, took me quite a while to develop a blogging style. I had planned to go a giveaway on my 100th blog but I'm not really sure what I would give away. Any ideas?

I realised I forgot to blog a shoot before I went blue! Naughty naughty Ms La Beau. I did a shoot with Newcastle gentleman and general techie type Mark Pinder and BananaStudio down the ol' Ouseburn.

Pin up was the general plan for the day, got some pretty fabulous shots of my Winter Wonderland act costume, sadly probably won't get to perform that again until next year! Boo.

Might have been a bit premature in pimping out my performance at The Shadow Gallery. My next performance is actually in Leicester, my first gig out of the North East and I am going all on my own. Nothing like a bit of an Anti Valentines night to put me in the mood for animistic love making. If any of you are about Leicester I'd love to be meeting you at Venus Star Presents... Red Light Burlesque - F**k Valentines. I will performing two acts, the first one I ever performed and a brand spanking (literally) new act.

Also went for a dress fitting yesterday (no not wedding dress, eesh) for an exciting project with other sexy North East burlesque types. My dress is going to be amazing. My friend Constance Peach, delightful young lady, took some super cute pictures of my daughter yesterday, I love this one of use together.