Dee La Blue

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I fancied a change, so I decided to go from a brunette which I have always been to attempting a head of blue hair. It's probably just a phase to be fair but a lot of my photos are starting to look the same and I wanted the challenge of working something different and it sure is! I had already booked a shoot with a photographer last week and thought he might want to cancel due to my hair colour change but that wasn't the case he was just as keen.

Took a few shots just in my lounge with my boyfriend, Nicholas Gray, just so I could debut the blue if you know what I mean. It's very different, and my Mum wasn't keen. I also took Nick to meet my Mum for the first time, it was a bit of a non event, I had been really worried leading up to it but it was fine. I also introduced Nick to the delicacy of a deep fried pizza kinda got a combined thumbs up and thumbs down!

I would encourage you to head over to Nick's Flickr where has been taking some pretty amazing night shots of late.

Had an amazing group shoot with some fabulous people, Shepy, Deborah Sanders, my friend Ellen, Constance Peach, Matt Wagster and a fantabulous alt model Cybertrash. I will blog the images as they come through. I was also lucky enough to have pics taken with all the other models :) Also awaiting images from the shoot I did in Darlington last week.

Doing a Katy Perry tribute shoot next weekend with a local photographer, copying the cover of the California Gurls single cover, I have also decided to do this for my next Burlesque act at the Shadow Gallery, this time in Durham rather than Sunderland.

Part of my costume is from the lovely HeyDay! Vintage Style Clothing site, not sure if you remember me blogging the amazingness of their vintage style trousers. You should head over to the lovely Shona's blog as they are having a Giveaway! Whoop! Also you should follow on Twitter - @HeyDayVS