Putting Vintage in a Non Vintage Setting

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I am so far behind on my blogs its silly, but by the same token I don't want to flood people with my rambling on.

As you know I dyed my hair blue recently, I am now a purple which seems to take better to my hair. I am not natural nor 'vintage' friendly anymore. I sort of feeling I have received a bit of snobbery from some people I used to gabber on with about vintageness, in fact one person seems to be completely ignoring me since I dyed my hair which is utterly pathetic.

I have done quite a few shoots lately because obviously I am no longer a brunette which sort of means my portfolio is out of date. I can't sell myself as the short, curvy girl next door now, I am short, and curvy with violet locks, essentially the only box you can put me in is Alt.

The only gig you can normally get with rad hair colour that involves vaguely vintage shaped items is latex and sadly I think I am too chubby, bumpy, short and long in the tooth for that now. So I am basically doing what I have always done but with an Alt twist.

I did this shoot in the woods in Gainsborough with photographer Nicholas Gray, in a 50's nightie I bought from the Exquisite Bones etsy store. I was aiming for a mental patient that was lost in the woods and I think it really works.

Another example of this is the shoot I did with another one of my favourite photographers, Jonathan Keys, at Newcastle Civic Centre at night time, when I wore my repro vintage blouse by Able Grable.

Sometimes all components of a styling for a shoot can be from different eras and you can put them together and they just work in the correct setting.

I am hopefully having an Alt Wedding shoot at the weekend with a male model, first time I have ever did a shoot with a bloke and next week I will be preparing to perform at the Sunderland Shadow Gallery, with some of my favourite lasses. Also started working on a double act with my friend and talented burlesque artist, Daisy Stays.


Miss Matilda said...

your photos are always good, it's more important to look and be the person you want to be for sure.

Keep up the good work!! xx