The Next Step

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So I have been doing pin up modelling for a while now and next Friday I will be doing my first little bit of burlesque. I am an intense mixture of terrified and excited. I will the performing at The Shadow Gallery Burlesque Show, The Hive, Sunderland. Plenty of other sexy ladies there also! Check them out and hunt them down on Facebook.

I won't reveal too much info about my act but my costume feature bits from Able Grable, Violaceous Latex, Adora Belle Pasties and Stockings and Romance. It's a gorgeous mixture of black and pink, I am yet to try it all on together but I am very excited.

A few of my mateys will be dressed up and there to cheer me on! I am hoping my boyfriend may be there for to give me a hug if I trip, fall or fail! :D

Had a shoot with local Sunderland photographer David Evans recently, who informed me how tartan my accent is. I do have a weird voice although hopefully none of you will ever get to hear me speak I may lose a few fans. In the following image I am wearing all Stockings and Romance undies, you should check them out, you can purchase S&R from one of my favourite lingerie emporiums Joanna's Wardrobe. A new version of the Pin Up Girdle I am wearing has been released and it is amazing, I much prefer it to the one I own. Humf!

Had a lovely couple of days with my boyfriend, just got his birthday pressies :D getting my arse into gear for a week of normality with extra boobies and recovering from my nightmare journey home yesterday! Hoping to see y'all in Sunderland! If not I am going to have to force someone to take some photos.