With My Body I Thee Worship

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So no real news from Casa La Beau! Don't have any shoots set in stone, was meant to have one next weekend but have had to cancel there are two local togs who I have been trying to sort shoots with for months but our schedules never have a mutual window. I will though, preferably studio work now on the grounds that I apparently never wear trousers and it's freezing outside.

I am waiting for images from a couple of shoots though and I kinda like that. Also at the end of the day if I can get to spend time with my boyfriend that is more important than being shot! I do want to get some pics taken in my burlesque costume so I will need to set that up, and me and my Mr are wanting to do a shoot together, I had wanted to do it before Halloween but it doesn't look like that is going to happen now, nevermind it will still be a larf!

I got some Bridal shoot images from my shoot back in May with Christeeny, I have decided I make a rubbish bride and would rather be a Ninja. For peeps visiting my blog from places far away, this is my hometown it's bridgey and the sky is regularly morbid.

Also got these images back from the shoot on Wednesday (or was it Thursday!?) that I went to with my brother from another mother Nick Murphy, I quite like it, I appreciate that I don't feel the need to play it safe even though, lets be honest, I have an odd face. I am in no way generically pretty. Sometimes I think models are required to act rather than just doing stoic fierceness.