1985 Flake Girl

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I have never been told I look like anyone before, MissMatilda's recent look-a-likey discovery has prompted me to blog about a likeness she noticed after my AbleGrable pics were taken. I have a kind of a weird face. Massive bonky eyes completely different sizes, a Chris Eubank nose and huge fat lips. Until I got boobies my nickname was JoobJoobs based on my lips. Naturally as soon as I woke up with a huge chest my nickname took a slightly more filth ridden turn.

However after I had my piccies taken by the wonderful Greg Sanders with his bag of super kit and super masculine jaw, Miss Matilda pointed out that I resembled a girly, Janis Levy (who is not dead despite The Sun saying she was) on a flake ad from 1985 (a year before I was even born). So I did a bit of research and I have to agree! Here are the pics