Freebie 5! Randy Thursday!

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Ok, I know it's childish and high schooly! I had a pretty good naughty dream last night so this is going to ease my inner heightened sexual desire. For those who don't know what Freebie 5 is, its 5 celebrities I am allowed to sleep with and my husband isn't allowed to get mad.

I have a notoriously bad taste in men! We are not talking like David Beckham and Sting, we are talking Shaun Ryder, Steve Buscemi bad. I came up with the theory that because I prefer scary looking or creepy/geeky guys I am more evolved because I go for guys that other women don't tend to go for, therefore less competition, therefore more chance to reproduce.

So here is my Freebie 5! In no particular order.

Tim Roth

Bill Bailey

T.J. Thyne

Anthony Stewart Head

David Mitchell


Miss Matilda said...

Anthony head is okay, i liked hinm in the Merlin Arthur thing recently.

I don't like ugly blokes myself.
Neither do i like girly ones....

Dee La Beau said...

If we all liked the same men there would be a lot of lonely horny ones! :)

Helen Highwater said...

I have to say, I'm with you there on 4 of them. Not Bill Bailey, I'll let you have him all to yourself. ;)

I don't usually like beards, but TJ Thyne on "Bones" grew on me, I must say.

Dee La Beau said...

Damn Helen,
I go for ugly guys so I dont have to fight women for them!