I have decided to Donate Eggs

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This is neither about modelling nor motherhood to be honest, but is a big big decision for me. It will involve a lot of personal inconvenience and discomfort for myself for something that might not even work, it might not result in a child for anyone

I just can't imagine my life without my children, as crazy hard work as it is, I mean I remember times when Ian was working away for 4-5 months where I really felt that I couldn't cope, I just wanted to run away. Laurence was 2 and a half and Violet was about 9 months old. I remember the miscarriages, and all the trying (have you seen Maybe Baby?). But I feel like that's all done for me now. My husband has had the snip and I don't feel (at the moment anyway) that I want anymore children. I am not sure I could put myself through pregnancy and the first 3 months of shock and tiredness.

So does that mean therefore I have to endure another 30 years of menstruation for no reason? I can't really take any form of contraception. Personally I think it looks a bit suss going on the pill/depo when my husband has been snipped. Egg donation is one of the ways I can use my fertility and not go through the pains, the temper and the disgusting for no reason.

I tend not to let my brain go as far as thinking of someone else having a child from my eggs. As far as I am concerned if they have left my body they are no longer mine, just like any other secretions. I don't really concern myself imagining people walking around with my donated blood glugging inside them.

I have just filled out the forms and stuff but will have to wait until Violet, my 2yr 7month old to decide she no longer needs breastfed! I should probably be embarrassed really, but knowing that I'm not having any more babies wants me to preserve their baby ways for as long as possible. She only feeds at night now anyway.

The kids were well worth all the stress we had to get them and all the work they have been since they have arrived. I was never a family orientated person until I had them. My family dumped on me way too many times, I was just a bargaining tool used for money or an inconvenience when both my parents were busy. I adore and love every bone in my kids' bodies. All I want is to do a better job than my parents did.