No Point Feeling Like a Big Fat Ugly Failure!

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So I failed my driving test today! The most ridiculous thing ever, the reverse parallel park, so peed off with myself because I had went out and practiced and got perfect about 10 of 'em before the test. Oh well. I only had 4 minor mistakes and I think you are allowed 15, so I can drive, I know I am a good driver Bob must have been picky. Gone are the days where you can show a bit of cleavage to see you through a driving test. It's all such a clinical experience. I think he might of been bored of me talking all the time. Eeesh.

I am drowning my sorrows with some Malibu and pineapple! I am such a classy bird.

Anyway 3 shoots lines up!

One Christmas themed one with Yvette Bessels which I am so excited about I could actually burst. My second one is on Halloween but I intend to rock the Neon Corset and a Gold Vinyl dress with Rebekah Kitchell. My third is in the first week in November with Sarah Chappell another lass from Berwick at a sort of dirty grungey location near a beach. It's a kind of a bunker sort of thing that kids have obviously used for drinking and getting high but I like it. It kind of shows that my hometown isn't just full of elderly folks! I really want to wear some Alan Windram stuffs, you should download his album if you haven't already. I don't get to play Number 1 fan very often.


Miss Matilda said...

It's pot luck I tell you, people don't learn to drive fully until they are out and about on their own knocking wing mirrors off parked cars with gay abandon!

Don't fret....

Shoots sound brilliant, you'll have quite a portfolio going on there.


Miss Nikki said...

I know that bunker! And your shoots sound fab :)