A New Me!

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Ok so a change in the name! Now say HELLO to DEE LA BEAU!

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Waving goodbye to TrixyDee I am not going to go into the ins and outs but, it's time to change, Trixy was a fun cheeky gal, but looking at myself I am not going to be comfortable on a stage getting my boobs out because that isn't me! I'm a Mum almost a Soccer Mom at that! And I wouldn't want to be confused with someone who isn't a of a similar frame of mind, if you know what I mean. Not that I have a problem with people that do, that is just a different level of confidence! One which I am no where near, I have a line and I won't cross it. I think my new name is better fitted to who I am and what I do.

The kids have pretty much wrecked everywhere between my neck and my knees anyway! :)

I like Dee La Beau is more classy and more fitted to me!

I have started doing my own bras also! It's so hard to get funky ass bras in anything above a D cup! I did this one below I am hoping to get a plain pale underbust corset and do the same thing to it.


Pauline said...

Hello to the new you! great name
You could take a look at early bra's 20's and 30's for inspiration there are some very interesting ones, and very sauay for the period and might be able to use the idea with a modern twist and produce something unique.

AbleGrable said...

The name suits you!
I hope it gives you everything
you should have!

xx Ag