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Aww had a fab day, the kids went to a party and got all dressed up! I went as a pirate but my husband takes rubbish photos!

Here's my baby boy, he was Superman he didn't want to be anything scary, I can see him 'flying' around the house. Although he doesn't call hims Superman, he calls him 'Rescue Man' which is a lot more to the point. He was so swift it was a struggle to get a pic of him but this one has all the wind and bonkers he was displaying at the time.

My baby girl was just a generic flame fairy which type thing! My mum just got back from holiday today and bought my Vee a Hello Kitty which she just refused to remove.

I have also had two shoots in the last 3 days, I am really looking forward to seeing the results. I might have another shoot on Wednesday but it really depends on the weather.