Dear Santa....

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I know it's dead early but I am doing myself a little Christmas list. No-one will read it or buy anything from it (my family don't even know I do any modelling anyway!).
Just for a little laugh..!

I haven't wrote poetry in about 10 years some of my rhyming may be dubious!

Santa, santa I've been ever so good!
I want pretty gifts not smellies and food
Too much chocolate that I can't bear to eat
Or nasty garish socks for my cute little feet.
Instead bring my slinky and beautiful things
Gifts to delight me and make me sing.

Lack of pennies is ever so tiring
I have been lusting after several things from Mint Siren
Uma Girdle or Sheryl Bandeau
The perfect gift for Dee La Beau

I have 2 already they're ever so sweet!
I want every colour of Scarlet Street!
I am one of Able Grable's biggest fans
I am very excited about Miss M's future plans.
The new Dream Girl dress I think I need!
I'm going to save up, I hope I succeed!

As for La Magia, don't get my started!
My wishlist from there is not for the faint hearted
Kiss Me Deadly, Maya Hansen, Velda Lauder
Don't even know what first to order!

It's probably just as well that Pin Up Parade is closed!
My list is so long it shouldn't be exposed.
Stretchy comfy goodness from Mode Merr!
Tonnes of pretty dresses I'd just LOVE to wear!

My favourite green snood hat is falling apart.
Can't really complain it was £2 for a start.
Have a browse in Miss Sweet's Boutique
For hairflowers and fascinators all so unique.

Forgive me, I am not filled with this much greed
None of these things I actually need.
All the people close to me now
They make it all perfect and work somehow.
I am proud of the lady I have became
I now forget the past and placing the blame.
Family is so important, I'll always remember
To spend time with those I love especially in December.


Miss Matilda said...

Santa better be good to you baby!