Catching Up!

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Getting very lazy with my blog! How naughty of me, think I am probably going to have to change my address for it anyway, TrixyDee is making me feel sick whenever I see it now.

I got a couple of sets of pics in the last week or so, the first ones are from the gorgeous little Yvette Bessels, who did a shoot with me in Banana Studios in Byker (yep as in Grove) this place is fab and very accomodating, they gave us two HUGE bags of fake snow to play with. I took my gorgeous friend Ellen along for some Christmassy fun too. Here are two of my favourite pics from the shoot.

I also had a freezing cold shoot in the woods yesterday! It was so much fun and Sarah Chappell is such a lovely gal, fab and easy to talk to. I hope she didn't mind me dragging her up hills on a cold, wet, freezing day especially when she is in the family way. Not sure which pic is my fave yet but here is one of me looking friggin' nails! If your interested I am wearing the ever so elegantly named 'Danielle' corset but the wonderful Madame Le Strange - You need one