The Mama in Me!

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Haven't talked about my Mummying for a while so I thought I'd just have a bit of a maternal rant at you.

Laurence was on half term two weeks ago, Ian was working most of it, he is a hyper little bundle of crazy my little man, he just can't sit still he has so much energy but he is so well mannered and has such a posh accent. He is very protective over his sister too.

I was explaining to him recently about being a gentleman and how there aren't many of them left in the world. Not long after this discussion I caught him pushing his sister on the stairs. I said 'Laurence why are you pushing your sister? Don't you remember what were were talking about before about you being a gentleman?'. He replied 'It's Violet's turn to be the gentleman?' Not sure he grasped the concept.

Had his parents evening too, his teacher said he was prone to tantrums and was a little bit self centred, but he was very clever and his vocabulary was amazing. Laurence is one of the youngest in the year and he was the centre of my world for two and a half years, he never had a babysitter and I dedicated my life to him until his sister arrived then I had to be sliced in two.

Violet is just Violet! She is such a little oddball, I said that the day I brought her home. Oddball with a pinhead! My labour with her was an absolute delight, really she popped out like a jellybean, 6 hours after she was born I was making coffees and teas for a house for of people. I felt like Superwoman! Vee is a little pain, she doesn't sleep through, she is still breastfeeding, she has such a temper. Girls are so much harder than boys in my opinion.

They are such little stars though, after all I went through to get them both they are more than worth all the work. I love them so much, I just need them.