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Aww had a fab day, the kids went to a party and got all dressed up! I went as a pirate but my husband takes rubbish photos!

Here's my baby boy, he was Superman he didn't want to be anything scary, I can see him 'flying' around the house. Although he doesn't call hims Superman, he calls him 'Rescue Man' which is a lot more to the point. He was so swift it was a struggle to get a pic of him but this one has all the wind and bonkers he was displaying at the time.

My baby girl was just a generic flame fairy which type thing! My mum just got back from holiday today and bought my Vee a Hello Kitty which she just refused to remove.

I have also had two shoots in the last 3 days, I am really looking forward to seeing the results. I might have another shoot on Wednesday but it really depends on the weather.

1985 Flake Girl

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I have never been told I look like anyone before, MissMatilda's recent look-a-likey discovery has prompted me to blog about a likeness she noticed after my AbleGrable pics were taken. I have a kind of a weird face. Massive bonky eyes completely different sizes, a Chris Eubank nose and huge fat lips. Until I got boobies my nickname was JoobJoobs based on my lips. Naturally as soon as I woke up with a huge chest my nickname took a slightly more filth ridden turn.

However after I had my piccies taken by the wonderful Greg Sanders with his bag of super kit and super masculine jaw, Miss Matilda pointed out that I resembled a girly, Janis Levy (who is not dead despite The Sun saying she was) on a flake ad from 1985 (a year before I was even born). So I did a bit of research and I have to agree! Here are the pics

Freebie 5! Randy Thursday!

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Ok, I know it's childish and high schooly! I had a pretty good naughty dream last night so this is going to ease my inner heightened sexual desire. For those who don't know what Freebie 5 is, its 5 celebrities I am allowed to sleep with and my husband isn't allowed to get mad.

I have a notoriously bad taste in men! We are not talking like David Beckham and Sting, we are talking Shaun Ryder, Steve Buscemi bad. I came up with the theory that because I prefer scary looking or creepy/geeky guys I am more evolved because I go for guys that other women don't tend to go for, therefore less competition, therefore more chance to reproduce.

So here is my Freebie 5! In no particular order.

Tim Roth

Bill Bailey

T.J. Thyne

Anthony Stewart Head

David Mitchell

No Point Feeling Like a Big Fat Ugly Failure!

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So I failed my driving test today! The most ridiculous thing ever, the reverse parallel park, so peed off with myself because I had went out and practiced and got perfect about 10 of 'em before the test. Oh well. I only had 4 minor mistakes and I think you are allowed 15, so I can drive, I know I am a good driver Bob must have been picky. Gone are the days where you can show a bit of cleavage to see you through a driving test. It's all such a clinical experience. I think he might of been bored of me talking all the time. Eeesh.

I am drowning my sorrows with some Malibu and pineapple! I am such a classy bird.

Anyway 3 shoots lines up!

One Christmas themed one with Yvette Bessels which I am so excited about I could actually burst. My second one is on Halloween but I intend to rock the Neon Corset and a Gold Vinyl dress with Rebekah Kitchell. My third is in the first week in November with Sarah Chappell another lass from Berwick at a sort of dirty grungey location near a beach. It's a kind of a bunker sort of thing that kids have obviously used for drinking and getting high but I like it. It kind of shows that my hometown isn't just full of elderly folks! I really want to wear some Alan Windram stuffs, you should download his album if you haven't already. I don't get to play Number 1 fan very often.

Myspace the Home of the Perverts!

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Don't get me wrong I love Myspace, it was pretty good when I was doing music in fact it is the only place I have my music now, I don't even think I have an actual CD of the music I recorded anymore.

I have discovered lately that your proper top class nutter can generally be found on Myspace. Last week sometime I had someone whose name was 'DISGUSTING A**HOLE' oh yes in caps try and add me as a friend. I declined.

Just a couple of days ago I got a pretty horrific message from a guy on Myspace saying that he wanted to strangle me, slit my throat and do a whole manner of other filth to me. I don't doubt he probably sent exactly the same message to other chicas but it was still pretty disturbing. I really like myspace generally, use it to find local peeps and people who sell stuff for burlesquey costumes for my shoots, I wouldn't be without it but from now on I am going to only add people who have at least some mutual friends or similar interests.

On a happier note I have three shoots lined up all completely different, the last one in the first week of November will involve me standing on a roof in little clothing :) Should be chilly!

I got a very cute handmade dress off ebay for £2! I love it, it fits me so well you'd think it was made for me.

I have decided to Donate Eggs

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This is neither about modelling nor motherhood to be honest, but is a big big decision for me. It will involve a lot of personal inconvenience and discomfort for myself for something that might not even work, it might not result in a child for anyone

I just can't imagine my life without my children, as crazy hard work as it is, I mean I remember times when Ian was working away for 4-5 months where I really felt that I couldn't cope, I just wanted to run away. Laurence was 2 and a half and Violet was about 9 months old. I remember the miscarriages, and all the trying (have you seen Maybe Baby?). But I feel like that's all done for me now. My husband has had the snip and I don't feel (at the moment anyway) that I want anymore children. I am not sure I could put myself through pregnancy and the first 3 months of shock and tiredness.

So does that mean therefore I have to endure another 30 years of menstruation for no reason? I can't really take any form of contraception. Personally I think it looks a bit suss going on the pill/depo when my husband has been snipped. Egg donation is one of the ways I can use my fertility and not go through the pains, the temper and the disgusting for no reason.

I tend not to let my brain go as far as thinking of someone else having a child from my eggs. As far as I am concerned if they have left my body they are no longer mine, just like any other secretions. I don't really concern myself imagining people walking around with my donated blood glugging inside them.

I have just filled out the forms and stuff but will have to wait until Violet, my 2yr 7month old to decide she no longer needs breastfed! I should probably be embarrassed really, but knowing that I'm not having any more babies wants me to preserve their baby ways for as long as possible. She only feeds at night now anyway.

The kids were well worth all the stress we had to get them and all the work they have been since they have arrived. I was never a family orientated person until I had them. My family dumped on me way too many times, I was just a bargaining tool used for money or an inconvenience when both my parents were busy. I adore and love every bone in my kids' bodies. All I want is to do a better job than my parents did.

First Gig in 5 years!

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I used to love music it was a massive part of my life for a long time, I enjoyed singing and making music with like minded people but I guess my priorities in life changed when I had Laurence. Everything shifted.

The last gig I went to was Electric Six in December 2004? Or something ridiculous. I did go to see a friend's band called Won Mississippi earlier in the year but people you know don't really count.

I went to a gig last night a bloke called Alan Windram, I am a massive fan of this chap, I can't even really explain why his voice just makes my tummy tingle and I love his songs, sort of soft and very easy to listen to.

I sort of stumbled upon him too which makes it even better. I remember back just after I got married I was typing random words into Itunes and it came up with his band Splendid. I clicked on Buy this album entirely by mistake. I was annoyed with myself at the time actually but the songs kept appearing on shuffle and every time they did I liked 'em. I then purchased their other album.

When I was pregnant, the time I become an emotional idiot! I used to lie in the bath with my wriggly bump listening to Splendid and bawling my eyes out. I have listened to albums to a point now that they remind me of significant times in my life. Alan recently released his solo album which I love just as much as the Splendid ones.

I felt like a bit of a noob but asked to have my picture taken with him! Also! I'd like to add I only found out about 8 months ago he was from the Borders it was total coincidence. I figured he was from the big smoke and I'd never get to see him live. He had a little super cute guitarist called Rory Butler! I reckon he will get famous. Just a feeling in my bones.

I wore my gorgeous Able Grable Scarlet Street Blouse an absolute comfy divine delight! Didn't manage to get any decent pics of rocking it though. I will do when I get something decent for my bottom half. :)


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It's up it's working in it's early stages it still needs some work. If you want to check it out go to


I'm not ever wanting to have to change my name again!

If anyone has a banner or link you'd like to put on somewhere feel free to let me know.
Drop me an email to deelabeau@googlemail.com

I have a shoot lined up for either the 26th or 27th of this month! It has a Christmas theme and I am really really excited about it :)

Done myself this bra, it's actually a 34G! But it fits ok. It looks tonnes more amazing in person too.

A New Me!

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Ok so a change in the name! Now say HELLO to DEE LA BEAU!

You can become a fan on Facebook!

Waving goodbye to TrixyDee I am not going to go into the ins and outs but, it's time to change, Trixy was a fun cheeky gal, but looking at myself I am not going to be comfortable on a stage getting my boobs out because that isn't me! I'm a Mum almost a Soccer Mom at that! And I wouldn't want to be confused with someone who isn't a of a similar frame of mind, if you know what I mean. Not that I have a problem with people that do, that is just a different level of confidence! One which I am no where near, I have a line and I won't cross it. I think my new name is better fitted to who I am and what I do.

The kids have pretty much wrecked everywhere between my neck and my knees anyway! :)

I like Dee La Beau is more classy and more fitted to me!

I have started doing my own bras also! It's so hard to get funky ass bras in anything above a D cup! I did this one below I am hoping to get a plain pale underbust corset and do the same thing to it.

Just too proud to wait!

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I recently did a shoot wearing a gorgeous frock from


The absolutely delightful Wicked Lady Dress

Exactly the same frock as Miss Amanda is wearing apart from mine is in Lipstick Red! Absolutely delicious red. This dress feels beautiful on, I honestly felt a million dollars in it, at least two classes above where I am now anyway.

You can now also follow AbleGrable on Twitter!

All the pics of me rocking this frock are on my myspace or my flickr if you want to see more!
Photos taken my the fabulous Mr Greg Sanders at The Groyne (charming!) in South Shields, Newcastle-upon-Tyne