That's The Difference Between You and Me and Brian

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Ok so my blog title is a bit bizarre, watch Spaced outtakes, listen to Vulva, then you will get it. I recently did a shoot with someone who is mega warm, approachable and on each occasion I've met him he's made me smile and giggle, these are good qualities for sure. I also feel I can be myself around him, I tend to talk surreal rubbish and filth and I can't get away with it with everyone.

Mr Derk German is working his way through Chris 'Mr Filthingham' Harrison's models in quite succession. He has his own style, and it sets him apart from other photographers I have worked with of late. The simplicity and originality is what I particularly appreciate from his images.

Our shoot was brief and done at the fabulously staffed Mayfield Studio in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In about 20 minutes we were done and I got some cracking images of one of my favourite latex dresses by Catalyst.

It was quite nice to get some direction for a change, I frequently do a kinda Bam, Bam, Bam posing pattern but with Derk it was like he pictured the images in his mind and encouraged me to make the correct shapes and look in a certain direction.

I have to say these are some of my favourite images of 2011 and I really hope that I will get to work with him again, hopefully outdoors!