Boudoir Times With Mandy Charlton

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I got to have a little trip to work with Mandy Charlton last week in her brand spanking new studio which you can now 'Like' on Facebook, you can also rent this studio by the hour which is good, I don't think there can be enough of studios like this when there are so many student types in the North East.

She asked me to go and do a boudoir shoot, which is sometimes something a gal can give her man as a gift, possibly for Christmas or just before their wedding, bit of a sneaky peek at what they have to come on their wedding night.

If I'm honest I struggled, I was trying to put myself in the frame of mind of someone who never gets in front of camera, someone who is maybe camera shy but I'm a model and normally I'm requested to model, I leave Dani at the door and I become Dee La Beau. I wear my confidence cloak and stride in to what ever shoot I am required to do. I don't think I performed my best at this shoot, I can only hope that Mandy got what see wanted from this photo shoot. I actually think I would have managed with the faux shyness better if I was doing implied nude, I hate my naked body.

The studio has a black background and a white background which sounds quite basic but the space is huge and the dressing facilities are really nice and there are tonnes of props to play with. Also nice to work in a studio that isn't embroiled in 'Studio Wars'! You're s
afe with The Photography Studio and Mayfield.

If you're looking to treat yourself or your partner to some pics of you looking all sexy and beautiful you should drop Mandy a message, lovely lady, great banter and I assure you she will make you feel comfortable.