My Shoots with Shepy!

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Every now and again when modeling quite a lot you meet people who you click with and it's just super awesome. Other than Nick the one other photographer I've felt a working connection with is Richard Shepherd. Every time we work together I get shots that I think are original and amazing and we always have great craic and laughs aplenty.

My most recent shoot with him we hopped in the car and scooted about various locations in Newcastle, it was fast paced but lots of fun, it was one of those shoots that was just arranged the day before too but I particularly enjoyed the shots I got in the pedestrian tyne tunnel, I didn't however enjoy going down the massive amount of steps with some ridiculously epic shoes on.

Our shoot before that we went to a derelict factory/mill something something in the middle of no-where. I was a blondie then and I took craploads of latex, I was actually just going through the set of images a few days ago and I saw loads that I liked that I had completely forgotten about. The location and the clothing just all worked together, this shoot was one of the most satisfying ones that I have done in 2011.

The shoot before that was in Studio 5000 in Sunderland (now scarily renamed Studio of Light which when you type Studio and Light into google it comes up with like a zillion results so you have to type in Sunderland). It was a group shoot, we wound up having 4 models and 2 togs because someone let me down, however me and Shepy kind just got straight down to business and it was comfortable, I don't feel he needs to give me much direction and I'm pretty sure he is used to me posing like a maniac.

My very first cherry popping shoot with Shepy was at allegedly 'World Famous' Bananastudio, it was my first shoot with blue hair and I hadn't really worked it out yet but I got some cute geeky pics with Shepy that were features on the Hot Chicks in Star Wars T-shirts blog. So that was awesome!

I highly recommend working with Shepy, he is a gentleman, he is a funny and recently he has been a great friend to me, providing emotional support for a crazy woman is a very selfless thing to do and I just wanted to tell everyone how class he is!


Miss Matilda said...

great work princess, love the star wars shot especially xx