I Love T-shirts

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So the blog which has been stealing me away from my personal blog is one I do twice weekly on a website called Hide Your Arms. I have been a Threadless fan for a long while so when I got the chance to be a Threadless blogger for for Hide Your Arms, I was absolutely delighted. I also get to blog other t-shirt companies too, I have recently done one for R U Reppin and 8teesix

Threadless is a fab website where people can submit designs, they are rated and then some are printed. I've also dragged Nick into the Threadless thing too, he shows interest when I am rating designs and lets me know which he likes from the new tees and the reprints.

Here are some of my favourite tees that I own!

Jam Out With Your Clam Out : I got this one mostly because it was a bargain and the title made me laugh.

Retold with Unicorns : Star Wars + Unicorns + On a T-Shirt! I just needed it, and I love the fact I got it photographed with me holding a massive owl.

TARDamask : I desired this t-shirt for a long while and I decided to nab it when the last $10 sale was on and I have plenty of streetteam points. Gotta love a tardis.

I also really enjoyed doing the R U Reppin shoot, the tees are really nice I have worn them all a few times, lovely fit and also designed by people who contribute to the site, I just love the idea of a community. Here is my favourite image from this shoot behind The Sage, Gateshead.