Gully's and Glamourpuss

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So I have been doing some local performing lately, been a bit dry on the blog front so I haven't been talking about them too much.

Firstly my darling friend Mirabelle Blush put on a one off show at The Little Theatre, Gateshead. The stage was really fab and I got to perform alongside a lot of my friends which does make me so very happy, also Nick came along to this event which also made me happy.

I did get a 'first' though, there was an 8 year old girl in the audience. It was more than a smidge strange and the performers all had different opinions on it. I was quite uncomfortable with the idea of getting my boobs out in front of a child. I feel self conscious enough when my children need to use the loo when I am in the bath, never mind getting my jiggle on. There was a good selection of performers or ages, shapes and sizes and I hope at least the little girl took away from the night that it doesn't matter what you look like you can still get an equal amount of applause and respect to women that are completely different to you.

On this night I my 'Janet : Rocky Horror' Act and 'Physical' acts which I both really enjoy doing because they aren't at all prop heavy.

I am also proud to be a Gully's Angel, a group of North East performers who put on monthly burlesque nights near Manors metro station in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Attendance has been mixed and it's a shame because it really is always a laugh and the tickets are a mere £4/£5. They are normally themed nights, the Steampunk one has probably been the most popular to date. I did my 'Physical' act at the Electric 80's themed night and my 'Smells like 90's Spirit' act for the recent Frathouse night.

Would really love to see a massive turnout for our Halloween show which is on the 28th of October, hunt down the event on facebook! I am also on the poster for this show which is pretty cool. I shall be debuting my latex clad 'Zombie Gaga' act at this event.