Why Am I Doing 'Help for Her'?

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So on account of a lot of spamming and panicking and fussing over the last few weeks a lot of people will be aware that I am doing a charity event next week called 'Help for Her'. This variety show is on the 5th of October at As You Like It, Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

I just thought I would briefly blog about why I am doing it and why it means so much to me. Last year I volunteered for the Tyneside Rape Crisis Centre, it was a big deal for me, the training aspect was an up and down emotional roller coaster and I really got to learn how emotionally taxing the work done by the volunteers at the charity is. I am currently unable to volunteer because I am kinda split between my kids, maintaining my long distance relationship and my ex's shifts. I hope I can do it again in the future though as I feel it was good for me and seriously aided in my healing process.

The people performing are mostly people who I regard as close friends, people who I have immense respect for and the few people I trust in the burlesque world. I went for a Superhero theme for this event because of the way I had coped with what had happened to me, Nick once referred to me as 'some kind of Superhero' and I was very much touched by this. Here is the superhero-esque poster he designed for the event.

Here is a link to the website to buy tickets : http://www.helpforher.co.uk
And to the event on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=150588291691292

In order to promote my event further I have been flyering here, there and everywhere and also been trying to get in touch with the local press, luckily one reporter at the Sunday Sun was kind enough to do an article about me being a survivor of rape and then going on to do a burlesque event, she was really nice and here is a photograph of the article.

I would really love it to be a success and make plenty of pennies for the charity. I will blog how it went hopefully next week. If you're considering coming along I really think you don't have anything to lose, you can get dressed up (prizes for the best dressed), hang out with some fab people in a lovely venue, get entertained by some excellent acts and on top of that help out an awesome charity!