The Curse of Katy Perry

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So this is now the title of my Katy Perry act, shame as I had SO much fun getting it sorted, doing my costume, buying props, getting my poster printed (by epic Dave Dent) designed by my partner Nicholas Gray and image taken by Sam Corban. I am quite proud of it and I have to admit to having a 23x23 inch print of myself on my wall just because I got a spare.

So why is this act a curse? First time I was meant to perform this was Durham in February but I was rushed for time as I was meeting with Nick in York and I had to catch the last train. If I learnt one think about burlesque nights it's that if they say they are gonna start at 8:30 you can arrive after 9:30 and still manage to catch the first act. They never run on time. I got all flustered and I had no-where to put my poster, my nipple tassel broke and then my lollipops got smashed. I ended up arriving to Nick's parents house a very disappointed and stressed out kitten. Everything seems a rush, even this weekend, yeah I am performing but me and Nick were gonna just have a relaxing couple of days now I'm doing a shoot for a latex company with him and he'll then have pictures to edit. I prefer to keep busy to be honest but we simply don't get as much time together as I need and it drives me mental.

So I finally got to perform this at Dixie's Dollshouse on St Patricks Day, I had had a shoot earlier in the day, so I kept my make up on, I'd met my mate for tea and I was feeling nervous but confident nonetheless. I got up on stage and done the first verse and chorus of my act absolutely fine until I took of my first bra (yes, this act has two) and both my nipple tassels both fell off. I still had 3 mins of the track to go but I just continued, trying to make up and keep my boobs covered at all times. I think about 30% didn't notice and 70% saw my nipples. Bad times!

I am performing this again on Friday at The Shadow Gallery in Sunderland this Friday the 8th of April. Along with a mega cheesy 80's act. I am trying to fashion myself a mullet.