Musical Feminist

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I am bit small minded when it comes to music, about 95% of the music I listen to is all women. It's not that I don't like listening to men, I just prefer a womans voice. I only listen to 3 blokes particularly regularly Alan Windram, Paul Heaton and Neil Finn. I heard a girl of 17 on Friday and it's inspired me to blog about it she had a gorgeous, warm voice which pulled my heart strings.

I am pretty much out of touch with modern music now to, I listen to stuff that I like and that's about it. I do sometimes listen to a compact disc(!), we have a massive separates system including massive lead weighted speakers which take up loads of space in my lounge. I still really want a NAD amp to match my CD player, the same one that Rob had in High Fidelity. I would want the same sort of 90's finish that mine has though. I am coming across like a proper nerd now, I did used to read What-Hifi though.

I am quite emotional person so I tend to get absolutely sucked in and feel it, I find it easier with a female voice probably because I am female, but then I am over analysing now. I almost can't listen to the song 'Brick' by Ben Folds Five since I found out it was about abortion, it makes me cry like a nutter.

Here are some of the women who make me want to get into music again and be able to express myself in that way. And some of the albums that have sort of shaped me into the woman I am. Or some of the wailing white women that annoy my husband, whichever way you prefer to look at it.

1. Shea Seger - has an amazing sort of country voice, she has only released one album 'The May St Project' I was lucky enough to see her live when she was supporting Toploader (Snarf!). I love all the songs on her album but I guess 'Clutch' and 'I Love You Too Much' are the high points. Also on one of the 2 music videos she did she had these amazing Green trousers on, I have been trying to find a pair similar for about 11 years.

2. Lisa Loeb - my favourite Lisa Loeb song is 'Sandalwood' you can tell this by the fact when I sing along to it I close my eyes. I have dived in and I am swimming in it and it's beautiful. Her best albums in my opinion are 'Firecracker' and 'Tails' one of her songs was on the Legally Blonde soundtrack (might have even been the sequel which is worse) and I found a couple of her albums a bit swoozy (is that even a word?) and Poppy.

3. Lisa Richards - I picked up a promo for liked £2 in Steels Wheels in Newcastle. Picked up utterly by chance, it had a chick on the front had about 21 tracks on it and I figured what is the worst thing that could happen? Her voice is probably more whiney that the other ladies I normally listen too but her songs are amazing and her lyrics top notch.

4. Beth Orton - Her voice is just mind blowing, sort of like Dido but a million times better. Also she is responsible for my all time favourite song 'Devil Song'. Another closed eyes sing along track.

5. Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs) - I think I prefer her solo stuff, and her version of 'Because the Night' is the best I have ever heard. I think I had to liken my own voice to anyone it would probably be Natalie Merchant. My recordings on Myspace were done when I was 17 and my voice has grown up a lot since then, it's all the better for singing the Timmy Time theme tune. 'Kind and Generous' by Natalie Merchant is an uplifting song although I think it could be received as sarcastic too with the 'la-las' but that could just be me being British.

I want to do music again but it needs to be stuff that I want to do which is why I am pretty desperate to learn guitar. I have lots of pent up emotion, I remember the joy of releasing it through music I don't want to be a front woman I just want to be on my own with it.

If you managed to read all that without falling asleep go and make yourself a cup of tea


FrivolousFlapper said...

I am the same way with my gravitation towards female artists. You should totally grab that guitar and pour out your heart. It's very liberating!