30th! Mixed Emotion Day!

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30th of September is a weird day for me personally. It is a big Yay! day in a massive way because it is my friends' anniversary. Ellen and Nick are super important to my, I remember their wedding day so well. I was Maid of Honour just as Ellz was for mine. Their wedding was fab, full of prettiness and fabulous people. I was also about 14 weeks pregnant at the time, it was just a really nice day at a really fabulous time of my life. Everything was good then. We lived out on a farm in a place called Harlow Hill, we had a gorgeous teeny cottage full of character.

However my friends may remember that in 2004 I found out I was pregnant in January, the circumstances around it were pretty terrible, surrounded by questions and a pile of crazy. This baby would have been due on the 30th of September. I had a miscarriage in the February and also got sacked. So the 30th of September is a day absolutely filled with memories, some good some bad.

I am in no way fishing for sympathy by the way! I am strong lady and have coped with everything thrown my way so far.